Welcome to recovery in the middle ages, the podcast about two middle-aged suburban dads and their pursuit of life, love and recovery. Check out our private discussion group on Facebook  and join our exclusive patreon recovery community  where you get access to bonus shows, insider info and video episodes you don’t want to miss.

Unlike a lot of other recovery podcasts, we aren’t just war stories  or two guys talking over each other. We take a broad approach to recovery by reviewing books and movies, interviewing important voices in the recovery sphere, and deconstructing alternative recovery paths. We welcome everyone no matter what stage you are on your recovery journey.  

We call our fans Monksters, join the family and pursue a life of joy and serenity in a world of chaos and pain. Thanks for visiting, take a listen and send us an email, we are all in this together.  natX & Mike R

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Latest Episodes

Today, We Review ”Drinkers Like me” by Adrian Chiles & Discuss New Developments in RMA

RMA-Episode 86 Show Notes:   A triumphant return! Season 2 of RMA kicks off with a review of the BBC documentary film Drinkers Like Me. Mike and Nat talk about the...

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* RMA HIATUS-VIDEO CALL UPDATE * Nat X & Mike R Spill The Beans!

RMA-Episode 85 Show Notes:   And, We’re Almost Back! This morning we started a zoom call to catch up, Mike hit the record button, and we both realized how much we...

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”Your Best Thinking Got You Here!” And Other Questionable Things Said To Us In Early Recovery

RMA-Episode 84 Show Notes:   Your best thinking got you here. It’s a common enough slogan in AA and other 12 Step programs, but what does it mean? Einstein said that...

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April’s Top Recovery Stories on a VERY Special ’Take 3 SLP’ LIVE edition!

RMA-Episode 83 Show Notes:   This week on RMA-it’s a Take 3 Takeover! RMA and Sober Lining Playbooks’s own Grant Boyken joins Mike and Nat to discuss involuntary civil commitment, alcohol...

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The Great Debate: Recover or Recovered? Is It Possible? Does It Matter? Find Out!

RMA-Episode 82 Show Notes:   And we’re back! Sort of. Mike is still wrestling with COVID but the show must go on and so it does, in all of its audio-challenged...

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RITN EXTRA!!! The Next Big Addiction Treatment & What Are Trauma Informed Workplaces?

RMA-Episode 81 Show Notes:   This week on a very special episode of RMA, Mike and Nat do an extended news wrap-up which includes a discussion of the latest research on...

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