Welcome to recovery in the middle ages, the podcast about two middle-aged suburban dads and their pursuit of life, love and recovery. Check out our private discussion group on Facebook  and join our exclusive patreon recovery community  where you get access to bonus shows, insider info and video episodes you don’t want to miss.

Unlike a lot of other recovery podcasts, we aren’t just war stories  or two guys talking over each other. We take a broad approach to recovery by reviewing books and movies, interviewing important voices in the recovery sphere, and deconstructing alternative recovery paths. We welcome everyone no matter what stage you are on your recovery journey.  

We call our fans Monksters, join the family and pursue a life of joy and serenity in a world of chaos and pain. Thanks for visiting, take a listen and send us an email, we are all in this together.  natX & Mike R

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Latest Episodes

Grant Returns! We Catch Up On His Adventures In Addiction Recovery and New Role at Shatterproof

RMA-Episode 92 Show Notes:   RMA-Episode 92: Grant B’s Triumphant Return to RMA. This week Grant Boyken, OG monkster and editor-at large of the RMA newsroom, returns after a year’s absence...

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Katie Lain of Thrive Alcohol Recovery Joins us to Discuss The Sinclair Method

RMA-Episode 91 Show Notes:   RMA-Episode 91: The Sinclair Method-An Interview with Katie Lain. This week on RMA, Mike and Nat explore the ins and outs of The Sinclair Method (TSM) ...

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Something Was Wrong: Discussing the Harrowing Tale of Amelia & The Passing of Anne Heche

RMA-Episode 90 Show Notes:   RMA-Episode 90: Something Was Wrong.  This week on RMA, Mike and Nat do a deep dive into an episode from the latest season of this amazing...

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Everything Happens for a Reason….or DOES IT!? Also: Religion, philosophy, quantum mechanics and Schrodinger’s cat AND MORE!

RMA-Episode 89 Show Notes:   RMA-Episode 89: Everything happens for a reason. Or does it? This week on RMA, Mike and Nat discuss this old bromide, how it pertains to recovery,...

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Are Creative People More Prone to Addiction? Does Getting High Help or Hurt Creativity?

RMA-Episode 88 Show Notes:   RMA-Episode 88: This week on RMA we explore the alleged link between substance abuse and creativity. Contrary to popular belief, creativity does not disappear when the...

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Jesse Jarnow, Psychedelic Therapy, the Grateful Dead, and LSD

RMA-Episode 87 Show Notes:   RMA-Episode 86: This week on RMA, Mike interviews Jesse Jarnow. Jesse is a writer, a DJ and the host of the Good Ole Grateful Deadcast, the...

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