1st Anniversary Show! Mexican Assisted Treatment? MAT vs 12 Step Dogma Explained

RMA-Episode 50 Show Notes:


50 Episodes! For one solid year we’ve been on this journey together, sharing our experience strength and hope with all of you out there in podcast land. We hope it has been as fun and interesting for you to listen as it has for us to make it. Buckle up buttercup, we’re just getting started! 


This week, Nat returns from the land of the endless Margaritas and we talk about vacations, sobriety, triggers, (and Mexican pharmacies), and all the stuff that can make or break your recovery while away from home. THEN we revisit the topic of medically assisted treatment (MAT), while deconstructing a “discussion” Mike had on facebook with some AA purists who think that if you’re taking a drug to help you quit drinking, then you really aren’t sober.


All this and more on a duty-free, poolside serviced, boysenberry syrup-soaked episode of Recovery in the Middle Ages.

Recovery in the News:


International House of Pancreatitis Will Begin Serving Booze With Pancakes

The Week in Weird:


Monstrous Ancient Dragon Discovered


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