Are Fewer Women Seeking Addiction Treatment – Decriminalized Fentanyl Test Strips – AND MORE

RMA-Episode 73 Show Notes:


This week on RMA it’s the Recovery in the News Roundup, coming to you from the new studio at Castle Greyskull! Mike and Nat combed through SoberliningsPlaybook’s Wednesday Weekly, and picked out some stories that bear further investigation. We do a deep dive on Dry January’s effect on small business, why women aren’t seeking SUD treatment at the same rate as men despite an uptick in use and overdoses, whether long-term support in recovery is a desirable avenue given the current state of the rehab industry, and why fentanyl test strips are still illegal in Wisconsin. Phew!


As if that wasn’t enough, we also managed to get in a week in weird, Monksters Speak, an analysis of the movie Groundhog Day as a Buddhist allegory,  and do an extended week in review, on an exhaustive, encyclopedic, free-range episode of Recovery in the Middle Ages.



Recovery News:


Recovery in the News:


Does Dry January Really Hurt Small Businesses


Fewer Women are Seeking Addiction Treatment as Use and Overdoses Increase


Long Term Support for Treatment in Ohio


Bill to Decriminalize Fentanyl Test Strips in WI Goes to Governor 

Lawmakers want to strengthen access to non-religious substance abuse treatment services


The Week in Weird:


Fisherman Chased by Monstrous Creature with Glowing Eyes



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