Discussing Trauma, Addiction, Recovery and Misphonia with Erin Moore!

RMA-Episode 6 Show Notes:

This week we welcome Erin Moore to the Podcast! Erin is a recovering alcoholic and pill aficionado who lives in North Carolina and has seven-plus years of sobriety. There’s a lot to identify with here. Erin’s experience mirrors what a lot of us in the suburbs go through when we struggle with substance abuse while simultaneously raising our kids and trying to hold our shit together. Mike and Nat talk to Erin about recovery, cult-like rehabs, trauma, and Brass Monkey. It’s a freewheeling discussion that could only take place here, in The Middle Ages. 

As if THAT wasn’t enough entertainment, Mark and Nat also comment on some listener mail, give an update on John the Can Man, and Nat tells a story about his failing memory.  All that, plus Recovery in the News and Weird & Wacky on a looong but compelling episode of Recovery in the Middle Ages. 

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