DMT Shadow Goblins, Halloween Alcoholics & CBD Accidental Relapse?

Recovery in the Middle Ages -Episode 12 Show Notes:

Have we got a show for you! Mike accidentally gets high on a new form of CBD(!), the guys talk about piercing the veil between the dimensions with DMT, and there’s an entertaining back and forth about psychedelics and where (if anywhere) they fit in with addiction treatment. Because this is America and it’s the first week of November,  they also take a look at the election through a recovery lens, and Mike shares a ghost story from back in the day. 


All that and more on a day-glo colored, trippy, mighty-high episode of Recovery in the Middle Ages.  


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Bill W. and LSD:

Teetotaler Presidential Candidates:

DMT and the Little Entities:

Oregon Decriminalized Drugs:

Almost Edible Fruitcake:,PHOTOS%3A%20’Almost%20Edible’%20106%2DYear%2DOld%20Fruitcake,%22looked%20and%20smelled%20edible.%22

Haunted Fordham: