Part 2 – Alcohol is #$%@ by Paul Churchill & Staying Clean in Suburbia

RMA-Episode 34 Show Notes:

Another week has gone by and Alcohol is still S**t. Mike and Nat continue their deep dive into Alcohol is S**t, the seminal work penned by the founder of the Recovery Elevator podcast and architect of the Cafe RE movement, Paul Churchill. 

Also, Mike gets interviewed by Annie Grace. How did THAT go?

Are you your thoughts? Is there a way to silence the self-criticism and endless stream of intrusive thoughts that haunt your daily existence? Can you recover without doing the internal work? Listen and find out!

Recovery In The News this week asks why the beer has gone to the dogs, and The Week in Weird is a tale of raptors on the loose in Florida. Don’t miss it!

All this, plus the week in review, on a mindful, self-aware, bone-broth NA beer flavored episode of Recovery in the Middle Ages

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