RMA Gets Loose As We Discuss The New Podcast ”Hooked” About A Successful Boeing Engineer Who Started Robbing Banks With His Son After Becoming Addicted To OXY

RMA-Episode 61 Show Notes:


This week is all about taking it easy on RMA. No guests, no books to review, no movies to watch. Instead, Mike and Nat talk about two podcasts in the recovery space that they’ve been listening to lately, It’s All Bad, and Hooked. The former is a war-story centered podcast out of LA, which goes deep and dark into meth crack and heroin use on the West Coast. The second podcast tells the tale of an engineer and model dad who worked for Boeing for 20 years before becoming addicted to opiates and robbing 30 banks over the course of one very crazy year. 


Plus, Recovery in the News, The Week in Weird, a few war stories, and an expanded life update, on a thoroughly relaxed, moderately paced, funnier-than-usual episode of Recovery in the Middle Ages




It’s All Bad Podcast


Hooked Podcast

Recovery News You Can Use



Recovery in the News:

Moderate Alcohol Consumption Should Not Be Recommended for Health Reasons

Lawmakers want to strengthen access to non-religious substance abuse treatment services


The Week in Weird:


Flying Humanoid Filmed in Scotland?


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