The God Particle – Religion in Recovery: What’s It Good for?!

The God Particle – Religion in Recovery: What’s It Good for?!

RMA-Episode 4 Show Notes:


This week Mike and Nat tackle matters of the spirit. What does God mean to two middle-aged Dads in the suburbs? Is there too much God in recovery? Are you doomed to fail in your sobriety if you don’t believe in the same God as a bunch of long-dead white men from the 1930s? This and so much more, including Nat’s bad back and pitched battles with little green men down in Kentucky. Tune in, turn on, and rock out with the hottest new podcast in the recovery movement.


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You should be aware that Recovery Dharma split from Refuge Recovery due to some controversy relating to the actions of the founder of RR,  Noah Levine. There’s plenty of information about this on the internet so I won’t rehash it here. I personally recommend Recovery Dharma, but I’ve provided both links so you can make your own choice.



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