Some Essential Tips on Staying Sober After You Return from the Rehab

People with an addiction issue can find a new meaning of life while staying in rehabs. That place can change their perspective about life. While staying in a rehab centre, you can build a robust foundation for your upcoming sober life; especially when you leave that place and be in your regular life once again.

Sometimes, tips on addiction recovery are not enough. You need to know how to stay sober after returning from your rehab. This is highly essential for preventing relapse so that you can enjoy your after-rehab life with full confidence, happiness and peace.

How Your Condition Can Relapse?

Even after successfully spending quite a few months in rehab, your addiction can relapse. Relapse is not something that would happen right after taking your first drink or consuming the first drug after your rehab days. It will be a stage-by-stage procedure; just like your first days of addiction.

At the first stage, you will feel emotional relapse which involves fear and anger. In such cases, negative emotions make you feel lonely, and you feel attracted to addiction once again. In the second stage, you will start feeling nostalgic about your old times when you used to take drinks or consume drugs to feel better. This is probably the most dangerous phase of relapse because you start missing your addiction days and feeling tempted to get them back in your life.

At the next level, you start visiting those old places and meeting those friends who were your companion in addiction. The final result is obvious and dangerous too. Relapse always reduces the chance of alcohol and drug addiction recovery.

How to Avoid Relapse and Stay Sober?

  • 1. Always stay positive and focused after rehab.
  • 2. Read a lot of books on positive lifestyle and motivational stories.
  • 3. Listen to music that makes you feel calm and composed.
  • 4. Do a lot of exercises to stay stress-free and feel energetic.
  • 5. Get a fair amount of sleep to stay fit and relaxed.
  • 6. Eat a healthy diet to have a good digestive system.
  • 7. Boost your immunity to reduce the chance of getting sick.
  • 8. Avoid toxic people in life; both friends and families.
  • 9. Avoid relationships that are dysfunctional or stress-provoking.
  • 10. Travel to new places and meet new people.
  • 11. Be busy in some constructive and productive works.
  • 12. Attend family therapies, community workshops.
  • 13. Focus on spiritual elevation to stay positive and calm.
  • 14. Avoid situations, places or people that can trigger a relapse.
  • 15. Play sport to stay physically and mentally active.
  • 16. Be involved in social works or become a volunteer for some noble causes.
  • 17. Try new hobbies that make you happy and satisfied.

Get Professional Help

Most importantly, you should talk to therapists whenever you feel that relapse can be possible in your life. If you experience any of these stages in your life after your rehab days, do not hesitate to seek professional help.

Listen to speeches of people who have already gone through this phase and won the battle.

Note: We are not doctors, this not medical advice, if you have an emergency please call 911 or suicide prevention hotline, etc.

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